Self Build


Self Build

Would you like a homemade swimming pond but a fully installed pool is out of your budget? We may just have what you’re looking for!

Why create a DIY swimming pond?

Natural Swimming Ponds are easy to maintain with low running costs. They are great for the family to enjoy all year long. Once finished, your homemade natural pond and accompanying plants with have developed enough to attract all kinds of wildlife.

We offer complete self-build kits which includes:

  • All the equipment, filtration and pipework for the pool.
  • A detailed set of instructions
  • Contact details for over the phone support.

Additionally, we are able to provide bespoke Natural Swimming Pond courses or on-site help should you feel it’s needed.

We have a number of DIY swimming pond kits available, which come complete sophisticated filtration and tailor made liners from £15995.00 + VAT.

For more information on our self-build kits, then please call our office on 01962 461002 or use our contact page. We’d love to hear from you to discuss your requirements in more detail.