Project overview:

  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Installation

Budget is usually an aspect of a project we must always consider in great detail. We were approached by a client, who were very keen to have a chemical free swimming pond installed, at their home in the Hampshire countryside. Having had a number of quotations from other known Natural Swimming Pond companies, they gave us the task of providing them with a natural pool that was efficient, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly under budget.

A mix of large flat sheet liners and box-welded sections of liner allowed our engineers to create a superb lining of the swim zone and regeneration zone. By utilising our installation teams ability to weld and join liners on-site, we were able to avoid any additional costs of having a liner prefabricated off-site.

For this pool we used a combination of a large regeneration zone and our high quality filtration system, hidden out of site in a purpose built underground plant room, has meant that the pool remains crystal clear with excellent water quality. The regeneration zone that surrounds one half of the pool will be blooming with reeds, grasses and other aquatic flora by the start of next season (photos were taken on completion in Spring 2016). Most importantly we were able to deliver this entire project under budget and at 50% less than any other quotation that was originally put to the client from our competition.

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  • 12th September 2016