East Sussex

Project overview:

  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Installation

From time to time we are asked to design and install a Natural Swimming Pond with a “twist”. These are the type of challenge our designers and engineers relish. For the project we were asked to create a fully functional Natural Swim Pond, complete with regeneration zone filtration, with a contemporary design. The client had wanted a clean, rill-like look with angles and geometric features that complemented the property’s garden.

The Inspired by Water team put together a design, which allowed maximum filtration efficiency through the use of a large L-shaped regeneration zone. The regeneration zone was linked to the pool’s swim-zone via a channel or spillway. Additionally the regeneration zone was designed to be built marginally lower than the pool itself. This allows any floating debris to be continually carried away by natural flow of the pool. The debris makes its way from the swim-zones surface, through the channel and into the lower regeneration zone. Subsequently not only is the regeneration zone a superb filter, it also makes for a very successful surface skimmer.

This design also incorporated two of our purposely designed NSP Aerated Bottom Drains. This product is unique in that it is the only drain on the market designed, with efficiency and safety in mind, specifically for Natural Swimming Ponds. Each drain emits a plume of continuous small air bubbles into the pool, ensuring the best of water quality. The drains are crafted in the UK and can take a maximum flow rate of 30m³/hour.

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  • 12th September 2016