Landscapers & Designers


Landscapers & Designers

Are you a landscaper or designer in need of more information? You’ve come to right place!

Inspired Pools are able to provide support and advice for landscapers, designers and construction companies looking for help with the creative design stages of any Natural Swimming Pool project. Our Natural Swimming Pool liner, filtration systems and other equipment are competitively priced and stocked, ready for supply.

Our experience and expertise isn’t limited to building Natural Swimming Pools. We have been in the aquatic industry working on a myriad of aquatic and commercial water feature projects. The projects range in scale from a families looking for DIY projects to multinational companies. This gives us a unique position allowing us to offer assistance from a variety of areas and stages during the project.

What do we provide?

Inspired Pools frequently works with or assists clients at various stages through to project completion. We can provide the following to help you with your project:

  • Extensive support and guidance, based on years of practical experience
  • A review of overall project scope, taking into account what can be deliverable within budget constraints
  • Market leading Natural Swimming Pool filtration options for your project
  • Compatible equipment, materials and Natural Swimming Pool liners
  • Production of Natural Swimming Pool construction drawings, allowing you to fit them into your overall designs
  • Quotations and price guides for fully inclusive installations or supply of equipment
  • Advice on Natural Swimming Pool cleaning, thermal covers and heating

If you are a landscaper, designer or an individual looking for construction and require further information or wish to discuss your project in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact us today.