What is a Natural Swimming Pool?

A Natural Swimming Pool or natural swim pond is a body of water that is used for swimming, which is 100% free of chemicals, chlorine, salt and ozone.

They come in various shapes and sizes. However, they usually fall into two types of pools – formal and informal. Formal Natural Swimming Pools bare the closest resemblance to conventional swimming pools, whilst informal pools are “free form”, with a rustic shape similar to that of a natural pond.

How do Natural Swimming Pools work?

There is a combination of methods that you can use to achieve and maintain crystal clear, healthy water.

Unlike conventional swimming pools where the mantra is throw as many chemicals as possible in it, Natural Swimming Pools utilise the planet’s own natural processes to ensure the water is healthy and clear.

We use cutting edge filtration technology to assist with those processes that helps remove debris, nutrients and pathogens, both to stop algae and prevent the water from turning green. Depending on the type of pool a client desires we can tailor the mechanical and biological filtration to fit.


What are the benefits over a conventional pool?

  • Lower running costs, highly energy efficient equipment
  • Reduced general maintenance and long term issues caused by chemicals
  • No health concerns that come with swimming in chlorine
  • In most circumstances, construction costs will be less
  • You can enjoy the pool all year round
  • Improves garden and wildlife ecology
  • Installation costs can be recouped in house value

We would take great pleasure in discussing your Natural Swimming Pool aspirations. So, please give us a call in the office at 01962 461002 or use the contact form.