Bespoke Design


Bespoke Design

At Inspired Pools we are able to create your dream Natural Swimming Pool.

Whether you want a contemporary design that is free from vegetation, through to swimming ponds filled with plants that fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. There is no one else able to match our combination of expertise, flexibility, technology and pricing.

The prospect of creating a bespoke natural pool design for our clients fills us with excitement.

The whole process is collaborative; we work with you to capture the requirements and understand the scope of the project to ensure all practical, lifestyle, aesthetics and budgetary needs are understood.

There are multiple options available to you when it comes to the initial natural pool design and consultation stage. Some clients would like us to visit on-site to discuss the project in more detail, with some who already have their own visions sketched out or commissioned.

Alternatively, the project could be part of larger development build. We are always here to discuss your pool and how exactly we can help make it a reality.

Inspired Pools are able to provide a detailed set of natural pool design drawings, from which a natural pool can be constructed either by our team of experts, yourself or your own builders.


What do you get from an Inspired Natural Pool?

  • Crystal clear, clean, bacteria and chemical-free water
  • Flexible design – formal, free-form, indoor, outdoor, heating, plants
  • Energy efficient equipment resulting in low running costs and reduced bills
  • Flexible services to meet your needs – cherry pick what you need
  • Maintenance friendly, minimising time spent cleaning and maximising time enjoying the pool

We would take great pleasure in discussing your Natural Swimming Pool aspirations so please give us a call in the office at 01962 461002 or use the contact form.