About Us



Inspired Natural Pools is a division of Inspired By Water Ltd, which specialises in natural swimming pool construction and design. With our biological filtration and cutting-edge filtration technology, Inspired Natural Pools have become leading experts in the aquatics industry.

Previously we were a successful business under a different brand, which was established in 1999 to supply pond and aquatic equipment.

Now, Inspired Natural Pools has transitioned through a natural progression thanks to its staff, all of who have a wealth of experience and passion for all things aquatic.

This passion and dedication has allowed us to build key relationships in the industry with landscapers, garden designers, suppliers and manufacturers. Through these relationships, we have been in a great position to develop our expertise to work on a multitude of projects.

Our company ethos is to be open and honest, constantly driven by our customers needs.


We don’t operate under a cloak and dagger philosophy or behind unrealistic mark-ups.

Using its key relationships with leading manufacturers, Inspired Natural Pools has ensured only quality products and equipment have been developed to be used within our Natural Swimming Pools. We are confident with our leading edge filtration technology, which will guarantee “gin” clear water of your pool.

The Natural Swimming Pool and swim pond market is still in its infancy within the UK. Sadly, this does bring a lot of misinformation with it.

You can be confident we don’t make bold claims to be the only company in the UK with the expertise or filtration technology. However, we have endeavoured to stand out from the crowd.


We pride ourselves on our:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Expertise and knowledge of natural swimming pool construction
  • Flexibility
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Natural swimming pool filtration technology
  • Only quality equipment is used during projects

Naturally, we would love to undertake a project from start to finish, but we don’t insist our clients use all our services. You are very much encouraged to cherry pick and utilise us when and where is required.

Whether you just want to take advantage of our retail prices and supply the equipment for you Natural Swimming Pool project, need help with construction drawings, or assistance on-site with one of our highly skilled swim pond engineers.

We are open to projects of all sizes, whether it is a DIY swim pond through to large-scale commercial projects. We understand that all our client’s needs are different; so each project has its own requirements.

So if you would like a free-formed natural swim pond or a heated formal natural swimming pool, Inspired Natural Pools, have the expertise, ability and technology to turn your project into a reality.

We are here no matter what stage your project is at to offer practical advice, and help bring your pond or pool to life. We would love to chat with you about your swim pond or Natural Swimming Pool aspirations, so get in touch with us here.