Pool Conversion


Pool Conversion

Tired of swimming in chlorine?

Have you ever considered what your options are for converting your chemical swimming pool and building a natural pool?

At Inspired Pools we have a number of market leading Natural Swimming Pool filtration technologies, which can convert your conventional swimming pool into pure chemical-free joy.

Our solutions make Natural Swimming Pool conversion easier, and healthier, then ever. They can be retrospectively fitted to your current setup, so you can be free from chlorine. This will result in a number of benefits and extend the life of your equipment.

Do you have an old or dilapidated swimming pool that requires some uplifting or restorations?

Our filtration technologies are ideal for renovating a chemical swimming pool and transforming it beyond recognition into a picturesque chemical-free natural swimming pool are endless.

We have extensive experience with pool to pond conversions. Transforming swimming pools into beautiful, natural swimming ponds may cost less than you think, especially if the existing pool shell can be used in the new design.

Your swimming pond will be filtered naturally and is 100% chemical-free.


Benefits of conventional pool conversion:

  • ¬†Chlorine and salt-free water
  • Refreshing swim in a freshwater environment
  • Avoiding health concerns associated with a chemical swimming pool
  • Outstanding water clarity
  • Water saving
  • Extends the life of the pool surface and pool equipment
  • Fully automated sanitisation and pH control
  • Minimal maintenance and reduced costs
  • Energy efficient ensuring lower running costs

To find out more about how Inspired Natural Pools can convert your existing pool into something stunning, then get in touch with us here today.