An Inspired Natural Swimming Pool requires much less maintenance than a conventional swimming pool. Due to the mechanical and biological technologies that we incorporate; the water is kept crystal clear and clean, without the addition of harmful chemicals.

We do however recommend that the pool surface is kept clean. Removing leaves will help keep the water’s nutrients low, minimising the constant need for natural pond cleaning.

In the summer, plants can be pruned although this is not an essential piece of natural pool maintenance, however it will help with aesthetics. We do recommend an automatic robot cleaner or hand held pond vacuum to assist in those duties. Our cutting edge filtration system requires a 4 Minute Clean. Just turn the handle!

Many of our clients do enjoy the maintenance aspect. However, we are also able provide natural pool maintenance to take the hassle away from you.

To discuss any maintenance requirements that you have for you Natural Swimming Pool and swim pond, contact us here. We’d love to talk to you.